Workshop of Energy community on emergency stocks

Energy Community organized workshop from April 19-th to 20-th in Zagreb, Croatia, which focused on emergency stocks of oil and petroleum products. The Energy Community is an international organization, whose main task is to coordinate the policies of individual countries and develop cooperation in the field of energetics between the European Union on one hand and the countries of southeastern Europe and the Black Sea region on the other hand.These countries grouped in the Energy Community are not members of the European Union, but they seek to bringtheir energy policiescloser to requirements of european legislation. One of the main subjects of this cooperation is also building up the emergency stocks of oiland petroleum products according to the standards of the European Union countries.

Energy Community invited to the workshop representative of the Slovak Emergency Oil Stock Agency to talk about experiences from Slovakia concerning the building of emergency stocks after Slovakia's entry to the European Union, as well as system changes in recent years, which resulted in the establishment of the agency system of administration and financing ofemergency stocks in the Slovak Republic. Except for the representative of the EOSA Agency also the representatives from Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia were invited to the workshop to share experiences, challenges and solutions in building up of emergency stocks in their countries.

Most countries united in the Energy Community are still in  beginning of systematic building of emergency stocks. Alongside their efforts they face many organizational, political and financial difficulties, so the experiences presented by the EU Member States can be very valuable for the system configuration and the gradual establishment of emergency stocks in these countries. Successful continuation of this process will bebeneficial not only for the energy security of the Energy community countries, but also for the collective energy security in Europe.