Visit to the Material Reserves Agency in Poland

On 24-th and 25-th April 2017 a meeting of representatives of the Administration of State Material Reserves of the Slovak Republic, Administration of State Material Reserves of the Czech Republic and polish Material Reserves Agency took place. The meeting was organized in town of Świnoujście in Poland on basis of invitation from the polish Material Reserves Agency. Part of the Slovak delegation was also a representative of the Emergency Oil Stocks Agency.

The meeting was aimed at the exchange of experience, information and best practices in the field of material reserves management of present countries. Subject of discussions was mainly practical, financial and legislative aspects of management of food stocks, medical stocks, various mobilization and intervention stocks, as well as emergency stocks of oil and petroleum products. Every one of the present countries has implemented slightly different system of its material reserves management, but knowledge and experience obtained from colleagues from other countries is always beneficial for the effort to improve and develop their own system of state material reserves.

Besides presentations and discussions to the topics mentioned above part of the meeting was also visit to the storage terminal of the Material Reserves Agency in the town of Resko, where various commodities are stored for the purpose of solution of emergency situations in Poland.