NESO - Session of Commission for oil security

On 25th October 2017 regular session of the Commission for oil security – NESO took place in the building of the Administration of State Material Reserves of the Slovak Republic (ASMR SR). The NESO commission is an advisory body to the Chairman of the ASMR SR in the area of security of crude oil and petroleum products supply. Members of the NESO commission are especially the most important representatives of the oil industry, relevant bodies of state administration, as well as the Emergency Oil Stocks Agency.

Representative of the Emergency Oil Stocks Agency at the meeting informed present members about current level of emergency stocks and about form of their complementing in 2017 in order to comply with minimal limit of emergency stocks. He informed also about ongoing plan of emergency stocks refreshment in this year with purpose of securing their preparedness for potential state of oil emergency. Following agenda point was the information about In-Depth review of energy sector of the Slovak Republic conducted by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The review took place on 9th-13th October 2017 at the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. During the review the IEA review team surveyed energy policies of the Slovak Republic in various areas and for this purpose met with representatives of respective state institutions, professional organizations and industrial companies. In the panel dedicated to oil industry and oil security also representatives of the Emergency Oil Stocks Agency were invited alongside representatives of the Ministry of Economy, ASMR SR and oil industry. Outcome of the review will be summary of recommendations for improvement of particular areas of energy sector in the Slovak Republic. In the next agenda points the representatives of the ASMR SR informed about development of the petroleum products consumption in the Slovak Republic in 2017 and also about the Emergency response exercise ERE 9, which is planned by the IEA for beginning of 2018 and part of which will be also the Slovak Republic through its representatives.