EOSA participation at tactical exercise of Emergency – recovery system unit of TRANSPETROL, a.s. company

On September 22-nd, 2016, two representatives of the Emergency Oil Stock Agency participated as observers in tactical exerciseof Emergency - recovery system unit of TRANSPETROL, a.s. company, in cooperation with Military Unit Zemianske Kostoľany (pipeline transport center), Regional Police Directorate Nitra, Regional Directorate of Fire and Rescue Force Nitra, Civil protection and Crisis Management Department of Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic and voluntary fire protection units. HRON 2016 exercisewas held in the Jurnad Hronom municipalities where Druzba pipeline crosses the riverHron.

The objective of the exercise was to verify the tactical and operational readiness of Emergency - recovery system unit of TRANSPETROL, a.s. company in cooperation with members of the police force, fire brigade and military unit in case of emergency situation on the route of the transit pipeline and objects of TRANSPETROL, a.s. company. Various prepared scenarios of the exercise included particularly the disposal of unexploded ammunition by pyrotechnics of the police force, a practical demonstration of pipeline system repairs, pumping of leaking crude oil back into the pipeline network and its detention into a flexible bag using movable pipeline and powerful pumps, as well as the capture and pumping out the crude oil leaked into the water flow.