ACOMES meeting 2022

On September 5-th and 6-th, 2022, the 33rd Annual Coordinating Meeting of Entity Stockholders - ACOMES took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The ACOMES meeting is a place for the exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices in the maintenance of emergency stocks between representatives of agencies and organizations storing emergency stocks of crude oil and petroleum products for individual countries. This year's meeting was attended by representatives from Europe, Asia and North America. Representatives of Emergency Oil Stocks Agency attended the meeting on behalf of the Slovak Republic.

ACOMES meeting deals with various topics related mainly to technical, organisational and financial aspects connected with emergency stockholding. Selected topics are presented by individual representatives of member countries, and the presentations are followed by discussions with other participants. The main topics discussed this year were sanctions and the embargo on Russian crude oil and petroleum products, the impact of the war in Ukraine on energy markets, the maintenance of strategic natural gas reserves, the practical issues of releasing oil reserves in emergency situations, data collection and market analysis, etc.

Representative of the Emergency Oil Stocks Agency contributed to the agenda with presentation on the impact of European Union sanctions on Russian crude oil on the oil industry of the Slovak Republic and the Agency's experience with several emergency situations in the course of 2022, including their solution in the form of a partial release of the Agency's emergency stocks.